About the Lumicell Surgical System

The Lumicell Surgical System combines a lightweight hand-held single-cell detection imaging device with a wide field of view and a cancer-specific molecular imaging agent. The system enables surgeons to detect residual cancer cells in real-time within the tumor bed. With this system, surgeons have the unprecedented ability to remove all cancer cells during an initial surgery eliminating the need for repeat surgeries. This image-guided technology system is designed to fit within the existing surgical workflow and takes less than 5 seconds to image the entire tumor bed.


The imaging agent

Lumicell's imaging agent is an activatable nanoparticle recognized by cancer enzymes whose fluorescence is quenched until these enzymes release the quencher portion allowing the nanoparticle to fluoresce or illuminate. This molecular imaging agent is injected just prior to the surgery. The imaging agent’s fluorescence is activated when in contact with cancer cells and the device identifies the residual cancer cells activated by the agent. Our proprietary imaging agent specifically enables surgeons to go after invasive cells which are found at the boundary of the tumor.


The imaging device

Lumicell’s imaging device is designed as a lightweight hand-held tool with a small profile to allow easy maneuverability within the tumor bed and ease of use within the existing surgical workflow. The device can also be customized to image several types of tumor bed shapes and sizes through the use of disposable and interchangeable imaging tips.


The imaging agents and devices are optimized for the specific cancer-type and surgical procedure. The company is unique in that it is approaching a new standard of care with both a hand-held device with single-cell detection and a wide field of view, and an imaging agent with preferential cellular uptake at the tumor margin and within the tumor bed.