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Lumicell Forms Scientific Advisory Board To Drive Future Innovations
Members will serve as key advisors and foundational partners in the development of Lumicell technology

Wellesley, Mass., July 18, 2018 — Lumicell, Inc. today announced the formation of its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) which will serve the pioneering cancer technology company by sharpening its focus on innovation and technological advancements.


“The technologies we’re developing will initially be focused on revolutionizing the effectiveness of cancer treatment,” said Kelly Londy, CEO of Lumicell. “But it’s clear that the applications for our platform will reach far beyond cancer treatment into other areas of healthcare that are in need of new solutions. So, we were intentional about building a board with wide range of expertise.


“We will receive guidance from some of the best minds in biological engineering, dermatology, infectious diseases, mechanical engineering and oncology,” Londy said. “The range of expertise will be invaluable in every stage of our roadmap, from research and development to go-to-market strategies and practical application.”


The expanded SAB is comprised of chief scientific advisors and leaders in cancer and healing research, clinical practice, and advocacy who have made significant contributions to advancing their respective fields, including:

  • Moungi G. Bawendi, PhD Internationally recognized chemist and a Lester Wolfe Professor
  • Linda G. Griffith, PhD Professor of Teaching Innovation, Biological Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering
  • David G. Kirsch, MD, PhD, Nationally-recognized leader in radiation oncology 
  • Robert S. Kirsner, MD, Professor, Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
  • Lindsey Robert Baden, MD, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School, Infectious Disease
  • Ralph Weissleder, MD, PhD, Professor at Harvard Medical School

These members will serve as key advisors and foundational partners in the development of Lumicell. Their core responsibility will be to evaluate future applications of this technology and its use across multiple healthcare areas.

“Lumicell is at a great point in the company’s history and is about to undertake a major milestone in growth and business development. The Scientific Advisory Board appreciates our responsibility to provide exceptional strategic guidance and direction for Lumicell’s research and scientific programs as they aim to tackle new markets and serve new patients,” said Kirsch.


 “I’m excited to continue playing a key role in guiding and prioritizing the company’s technological innovations,” said Weissleder, who has guided Lumicell’s cancer treatment technology since 2008. “Our world is on the precipice of major innovations beyond applications of cancer treatment and we look forward to pioneering new areas that could have a major impact on the healthcare, recovery and specialized treatment programs affecting millions of people every day.”


In the near term, as Lumicell looks to expand the application of its technology, the SAB will refine the company’s focus areas, analyze the company’s position and give strategic guidance on the best technology and application choices and partnering options.


About Lumicell, Inc.
Lumicell is a technology leader in the field of image-guided cancer surgery. The company is developing a novel system that enables real-time detection of tumor tissue in patients so that no cancer cells are left behind during surgery. The company’s LUM System has unprecedented ability to see and remove cancer cells remaining in the surgical cavity – beyond the margin of the specimen – and has the potential to significantly improve surgical outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by eliminating the need for repeat surgeries. Lumicell is investigating the LUM System in patients undergoing surgery for breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal, esophageal and pancreatic cancers. Additional future indications are planned to include surgeries for lung, ovarian, and brain cancers. For more information, please visit


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